This Ain’t Your Daddy’s Pocket Knife!

When tactical enthusiasts like a product they say it, and when they are absolutley fanatical about it — it’s probably the brainchild of The Ontario Knife Company®.  The reputation of The Ontario Knife Company began during World War I when it became a major supplier of knives to the US Armed Forces.  Since then, The Ontario Knife Company’s offerings have met the needs and exceeded the expectations of the military and civilians alike.

With the reintroduction of the Ontario Spec Plus folder, The Ontario Knife Company took an already beloved and proven design and made it even better by reengineering the back lock and adding a dual-thumb stud-opening system for easy operation when using your strong side or when conditions force you to use your weak hand.  Every operation and every operator has different criteria, wants, needs. While they might only carry one knife, you can bet no one knife-design can serve all of their needs, all of the time.  Recognizing this fact, The Ontario Knife Company offers the Ontario Spec Plus knife in three different configurations, Drop Point, Clip Point or Clip Point with serrations.

The Ontario Spec Plus knife measures 9.25 inches and is constructed from ultra-tough 1095 Carbon Steel. The increased durability of the 1095 Carbon Steel ensures you’ll still be cutting while others are staring at the pieces of what used to be a knife. Each Ontario Spec Plus folder comes standard with a Molle compatible, black nylon sheath — making it perfect to slip into a pocket or keep handy by strategically lashing it to your gear. Of course you can choose an Ontario Spec Plus folder in any color your heart desires — as long its black…

Founded in 1889, The Ontario Knife Company is a U.S. owned and operated organization that continually stays
 on the forefront of knife designs and cutting-edge technology.  Ontarioʼs military supply roots go deep into its history, as the company has been supplying quality cutlery to the U.S. Military since WWI, beginning with its famous 18-inch Machete. Today, the company consistently develops new knife designs that allow military personnel to have the products they need in order to get their jobs done both on and off of the battlefield. Ontario Knife is also especially proud of being selected as the sole provider of the United States Marine Corps OKC3S Multi-purpose Bayonet System and the Model 4 Rescue Strap Cutter. In addition to being a major supplier to the U.S. Armed Forces, Ontario Knife teams with a nationwide network of distributors/dealers to market its products to many diverse consumer and niche markets including the tactical/military, hunting, outdoors, law enforcement and cutlery industries. Worldwide sales activity encompasses more than 28 countries and continues to grow.

For more information about Ontario Knife Company and its industry-leading line of advanced knives, machetes, edged products and specialty tools, contact Ontario Knife Company at
P.O. Box 145-26 Empire Street · Franklinville, NY 14737 · Telephone (716) 676-5527.
Or visit  The Ontario Knife Company is a subsidiary of publicly traded Servotronics Inc. (listed as SVT on NYSE-Amex exchange).