Rinehart® Introduces the RhinoBag™ Target

Once again Rinehart® has re-defined a niche in the archery target industry, this time in the bag target category with the launch of its new Rinehart RhinoBag™ Target. Featuring Rinehart’s innovative new SmartCore Technology, there’s no beating this bag’s incredibly long-lasting stopping power. Compact and lightweight, it can take on your toughest shots with pride – anytime, anywhere.

Arrows will have serious trouble trying to claw their way through Rinehart’s new SmartCore Technology, the Rinehart RhinoBag’s revolutionary new arrow-stopping core. In fact, archers can shoot both arrows and crossbow bolts until their arms ache thanks to the strength of the SmartCore, and the innovative design behind the Rinehart RhinoBag target.

While high-performance elements bleed inside and out of the new Rinehart RhinoBag target, thanks to its unique high-quality Rhino-infused printing, you’ll never catch the target’s outer layer ink bleeding – or, fading over time for that matter. This unique printing process features the highest level of quality graphics yet to be seen on any other bag target in the industry, so your Rinehart RhinoBag will stay looking new even after weathering Mother Nature’s countless mood swings.

Available in two sizes (22x22x11 and a larger 26x26x11), the lightweight RhinoBag makes transporting your practice session easy. And, thanks to the bag’s incorporated rubberized handle with molded grip, you can literally toss it into the bed of your truck and send it on its way for a quick round of shooting at camp, in a buddy’s backyard or at the range. Of course, for shooters who prefer a bigger target to take aim at, the larger Rinehart RhinoBag is the perfect practice partner.

Like all Rinehart Targets, the Rinehart RhinoBag Series features several highly visible target zones, perfect for honing and perfecting your shot over and over again. And once you’ve emptied your quiver, removing arrows from the bag is a breeze, thanks once again to its SmartCore inside.

Rinehart’s reputation of crafting the most durable and long-lasting targets on the market surpasses all expectations. The company’s unique archery targets boast industry-leading features that are unmatched in performance, such as its signature, Rinehart solid self-healing foam, replaceable inserts and easy arrow removal.

For more information about the new Rinehart RhinoBag Series – or Rinehart’s extensive line of premium quality targets for bowhunters and competitive archers – contact Rinehart at 1809 Beloit Avenue, Janesville, WI 53546 • Telephone: (608) 757-8153 • Or visit www.rinehart3D.com.