Munster family earns seven FOTY honors from Indiana DNR

Ron Kotfer and his teenage sons have the right hook for Fish of the Year. Once again, they earned seven FOTY honors from the Indiana DNR.

“At the end of the season, we send the biggest fish of each species: And see what sticks,’’ the mailman from Munster said.

Good strategy.

His son Danny, 17, had three stick: coho (31.5 inches, Little Calumet River, Oct. 2, spinner), bullhead (13 inches, Fountain County, June 26, night crawler) and green sunfish (8.5 inches, Fountain County, June 24, twistertail). Kotfer’s son Michael, 14, earned brown trout honors (29 inches, Lake Michigan, March 13, spoon).

The family fishes boat and shore, at least twice a week.

“We have a 161/2-foot boat, so we have to pick our days to get out on Lake Michigan,’’ Kotfer said. “We do some inland fishing at Wolf Lake. Perch America is doing all the stockings. It is a matter of throwing five bucks in the bait jar every time.

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photo: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service