Ford Column: Mountain lion spotted on Evansville West Side

Stories have circulated for decades about mountain lions in relative proximity to Evansville.

Calls to me through the years have put the big cats all around the area.

Unofficial sightings placed them from old mine ground south of Owensboro to north of Tell City in Hoosier National Forest to the White River bottoms near Patoka, to Shawnee National Forest in Southern Illinois to the massive Land Between the Lakes in Kentucky and once even in the Wabash River bottoms of Posey County.

That’s close.

Then the Indiana Department of Natural Resources released a picture of a wild mountain lion captured by a trail camera in Greene County.

That was close enough.

Then came word — just Saturday, in fact — that you might not have to go to Mesker Park Zoo to see a mountain lion in Vanderburgh County.

Now we’re talking close to home, my home.

“When are you going to write about the mountain lions around here?” asked Chris Wildeman on Saturday when I ran into him at the bank. “People have been seeing them around.”

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Photo: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service